On Sunday mornings, if you're in junior school (years 3, 4, 5 or 6) then halfway through the service you'll be joining Mike, Jon, or Fiona in the dining room just next to the main hall. We'll be having lots of fun as we learn more about God; what He's like, what He's done and what He can do now.

We've been looking at a lovely book in the bible, called Ruth.

Ruth is a really lovely story, and it's a pretty short one too, so it would be really good if you have a read of it over the holidays. You might like to try and read it by yourself, or perhaps you could ask your parents to help you. 
I've also got some questions for you that will help you to understand a bit more about the book - see if you can answer them as you go through:

Chapter 1:
Why do you think, in those days, it was scary for a grown woman like Ruth or Naomi to be on her own with no husbands or children?
Why do you think Naomi tells Ruth and her sister to go back to their home?
Why do you think Ruth decides to go with Naomi anyway?
Did you notice anything related to Christmas in chapter 1? See if you can spot it...

Chapter 2: 
Do you think Boaz is a nice man or a nasty man? Why?
Do you think he would make a good husband for someone? Why?
What does Boaz do to help Ruth?

Chapter 3: 
In the last chapter, Boaz prays to God in 2 verse 12 and blesses Ruth, asking that God will look ater her. He talks about God having 'wings to spread over her' like a protective blanket.
What does Ruth suggest to Boaz in 3 verse 9? She means that he answers his own prayer - that he looks after her and asks her to marry him!!
What does Boaz promise Ruth?

Chapter 4: 
What does Boaz do in this chapter? 
A lot of people say that Boaz is a lot like Jesus. Why do you think they say that? What does Boaz do for Ruth that's similar to what Jesus does for us?
9Have a look at the last 9 verses...can you spot a connection between this baby and the baby Jesus who was born at Christmas? Think about where Ruth lived, and about who her great great grandson is...

CCR, 11/01/2016