Growing as a christian 

After reading the VERY helpful ‘Serving without sinking’ I have now made a start on the next title by John Hindley.

One of the things I like most about John’s writing is its down to earth nature. He says what I so often think and feel. I like his honesty! I’m often surprised by our desire (me included) to put on a good Christian face, to appear as if all is well, when in fact, inside we are fallen, struggling, forgiven sinners. Our honesty often results in God’s grace being magnified whilst our self righteous projections, usually result in less praise to God for his kindness in loving us.

I’ve enjoyed the start of the book and alongside the honesty and desire to see God glorified, there are also some great illustrations of spiritual truths.

“Sometimes, Daisy, my daughter, asks me to help her get a toy from the top of her toy cupboard. Now [imagine] I ask her if she would like to do a puzzle with me, and I receive a lovely: “Yes please!” in reply. So I pick Daisy up, and as I do so, she strains towards the top to reach the puzzle. She puts every effort her little body can manage into grabbing it because she really wants the puzzle. And she will reach the puzzle. But she will reach it because I lift her. I could have just got the puzzle down for her. I could have lifted her high enough so that she didn’t need to lift her arms at all. I could have done all the work for her, but instead I involved her, and this increased her enjoyment. Did Daisy reach the puzzle? Yes. Did I reach the puzzle? Yes. I lifted; she reached. She needed me to lift her. I didn’t need her to reach. But we did it together. This is how God grows us.”

If anyone else is reading it, or fancies grabbing a copy and reading along too, do make comments below and I would be interested to see what you think.
To think some more about what Christian Growth looks like, do join us on a Sunday morning as we see what the Apostle John has to say in the little New Testament letter, 1 John.

Chris Smith, 19/02/2016