Our conviction at ChristChurch is that nothing is more worthwhile than investing some time in exploring and examining the person of Jesus Christ. He is at the centre of the Bible, and everything in the Old Testament points forward to his coming into the world. For 2000 years, people around the world have had their lives turned upside down by coming to know him personally. 

In a society full of time saving devices, where we ironically all seem busier than ever, the opportunity to take time out to think about life and the bigger questions seems rare. Well, many have found the investment of time in an Alpha course or Christianity Explored Course, to have been a very worthwhile choice.

We, at ChristChurch, would love to give you some tools to examine Christianity for yourself. You can arrange to investigate Christianity individually, with Chris or someone else from the church, or join a small group and
explore together.

To register your interest or for more details click here to email us.

CCR, 11/01/2016