Discipleship Explored is an informal 8-week course for anyone who wants to know what it means to be a disciple (student/learner) of Jesus Christ.

A common question asked at the end of Christianity Explored is, 'What does it look like to live as a Christian?'. Discipleship Explored helps to answer that question.

The course works through the book of Philippians, and touches on important topics such as: Confident in Christ, Living in Christ, Standing Together in Christ, Transformed by Christ, Righteous in Christ, Knowing Christ, Rejoicing in Christ and Content in Christ.

If you have ever been on a Christianity Explored course, the format of Discipleship Explored should feel very familiar. Each session includes group discussion, a study in Philippians and a DVD on the theme for that week.

Discipleship Explored is particularly good for those who have recently decided to follow Jesus – but Christians at all stages will be refreshed and challenged to grow and mature as followers of Christ.

For details of our next Discipleship Explored Course, or to register your interest,  contact Chris Smith or click here to email us.


CCR, 11/01/2016