At ChristChurch, lots of things are important to us!

Community, friendship, supporting and valuingpeople, children, family, being real, being honest with each other, walking through life together, serving those around us – all of these are important.

But we want to acknowledge upfront that people matter to us BECAUSE we are convinced that people matter to God.

The word Gospel means Good News, the heralding of good news. And we passionately believe that we have good news to shout from the roof tops. This news changes people’s lives forever!

In a nutshell we believe what the Bible says about who we are. We are made in God’s likeness, for relationship with him. We are special, unique, yet we have forfeited that relationship. In our hearts we want to live our lives with us in charge – not God. We may allocate God some role or other, but it’s on our terms. The Bible calls this sin and because of our sin, we are cut off from genuine relationship with God and are under his judgement.

Given the way we have treated him, I wouldn’t blame him for not wanting much to do with us. Yet the truth couldn’t be more different.

The whole Bible builds up to the coming of God’s own Son. A Saviour sent for us, to ultimately bear the judgement that was rightfully ours. Born to die in my place, bearing my sin.

In the old Jewish temple there was a NO ENTRY type curtain. No one could come into God’s holy presence because of their sin. When Jesus died, the curtain was torn in two from top to bottom. The message is clear: Jesus’ death makes relationship with God possible. His death and resurrection open the way for us to meet our God. His resurrection underlines who he really is and overcomes death, which gives us great hope.

Many at ChristChurch have come to know and love God through Jesus. He promises to forgive us totally, all that we have done, however terrible. He promises to come into our lives. He promises to never leave or abandon us and he promises to welcome us into his Heaven, when the time comes.

This message and this Saviour transforms lives. He could change yours!

At ChristChurch we believe in helping people
explore these important issues, in a non-threatening, supportive way.

Well that was our belief in a nutshell, for a more detailed outline of what we believe,
click here.

CCR, 11/01/2016