Fish Food - Fridays, Fortnightly,  8-9.30pm at Chris & Karen's
Join Mike at Chris & Karen's for our 'youth growth group' - there'll be snacks and games, and we'll also spend a little time looking at the bible together, and thinking about what it says.
You can find us at 7 Brache Close, Redbourn, AL3 7HX!
The best way to stay up to date with when & where we're meeting is to ask your parents to  join the Whatsapp group - email Mike if you'd like to do this!

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The Pod - Thursdays, after school at Fish Street. A drop-in cafe for y7-13

As soon as you get back to Redbourn after school, come and join us, and bring your friends. The building is yours to use! Play sports, games, playstation, have drinks and snacks, do homework by yourself or in groups, get homework help from some of the leaders, or just have a chat!

The Pod restarts on Thursday 25th April and we hope to see all of you there!  

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to contact me (Mike) on 07861 738 660 or at