Coronavirus information 

Coronavirus Update (6th Sept 2020)

The recent updates from the government in relation to Covid-19 and the lockdown have opened the way for churches like ours to begin services.  We will be live streaming services from Fish Street in  September and exploring ways to safely open our building up again for a limited number of people as the weeks progress.   Please do check back here and our Facebook page for up to date information.  Our small groups are meeting online and some youth work is also running online.  We will be exploring the right balance of face-to-face meeting and online meeting over the coming months and will keep people up to date via our website, social media and whatsapp groups. 

Coronavirus Update (16th March 2020)

Many of you will have heard the Prime Ministers update tonight which included a request to minimise social gatherings, to help slow the spread of the virus, support the NHS and protect the vulnerable.  The CCR Leadership have discussed this tonight and agreed that the appropriate response to this situation is to give our full support to these measures.  Therefore, moving forward ALL church gatherings (both in Fish Street and in homes) will cease until further notice. Coffee Cake and Chat will run tomorrow (17th March) as it’s too late to communicate this change properly now but that will be the final meeting at Fish Street. 

However, CCR is about far more than just meeting together in a building (as important as that is).  We can still be church family in this situation. And importantly, we can still support our community at this time.  Obviously tonight’s government announcement  came as a bit of a shock so we don’t have all the i’s dotted and t’s crossed yet… but we are planning creative ways to be virtually together at this time.  Once we have these clarified we will be in touch - on these web pages and social media too. We are planning on live streaming this coming Sunday - more info will follow on this later in the week. We are also thinking of ways to ensure everyone is looked after and cared for too. 

In the meantime, please do be praying for those in leadership in our country at this time and for friends, family and one another. And please do keep checking in with your small groups and keeping a pastoral eye out for others.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch with any of the leadership team.
Click here for their contact details. 

More information to follow soon.

From the Elders and Deacons


Mike Pasquale, 11/03/2020